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Project 1:  Meet a budget demand in a moderate income 60 plus unit housing rehabilitation project without changing the physical look of the job.


Our Solution:  Keen budget control; reconfigure all phases of the work for an on-time start and finish; find and implement solutions without cutting corners or quality.


The scope of this project was vast.  Staging the phased rehabilitation of more than 60 moderate income housing units across four inner city scattered sites known as the Danube Project.  The actual work varied site to site.  As the building owner/manager admitted, “Our buildings were not in as good a shape as they should have been and compliance codes kept increasing.”   And the added pressure to meet the budget demand did not make this HUD job any easier.


Kumins tackled the budget issues head on by reconfiguring the phasing schedule for a better job flow and finding competitive sources for some of the building materials.  Kumins Principal, Rod Gilbert, was on site every day and according to Martha Abrams Bell, Vice President, Abrams Management Company, “Kumins subs were there when he said they would be, which was absolutely critical.”


The work on this project included various types of exterior and interior repairs; removing lead paint and asbestos; install fire alarms, help call buttons and other safety devices; install wheelchair access and outfit new handicap units to conform to ADA guidelines and facilitate the independence and mobility of wheelchair tenants.



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