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Project 1:  Renovate and restore a five floor, 200 year old farmhouse in Boston's Beacon Hill District to its original detail as a new residence for a family of four. 


Our Solution:  Blend old and new; develop a tight teamwork where owner, architect, and builder work together, making decisions at virtually every step.


Kumins was already familiar with this unique freestanding home from an earlier owner's partial renovations.  Working with the new owners specific ideas about reconfiguring the original specs, Kumins built all new interior walls; excavated the original first floor and lowered it to add two extra feet of room height; built all new windows into existing window openings; created completely new heating, electrical, and plumbing systems; added a four story elevator, allowing for walk-up to the fifth floor; and created all new baths and fixtures.


Project architect, Douglas Haring, Haring Associates of Beverly Farms Massachusetts, comments “Kumins is very careful to listen to client's specific wishes. This project above all reflects Kumins skills and distinctive style of working and true teamwork.”


With all the painstaking work and attention to detail that Kumins put into this project, anyone visiting this home would not be able to tell the original work from the restoration.



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