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Project 1:  Modernize and merge two adjoining condominium units in a 1950's cold, concrete structure into one spacious comfortable residence.


Our Solution:  Develop unique structural designs to soften existing concrete rigidities; create rooms and hallways with custom-made bookcases, entertainment centers, and cabinetry.


“Every renovation project is unique. This one was one of those highly individualized projects fraught with physical problems,” states Rod Gilbert, Principal of Sid Kumins, Inc.  The owners saw an opportunity to buy and merge two adjoining condominiums with spectacular views facing the Charles River and Cambridge, Massachusetts.  What they did not see was an old, mid-rise structure with concrete ceilings and floors that made renovations in this type of building very difficult.


Working as a team with Kumins, Interior Designer Jack Coar and Architect Harry Bates found solutions and made structural, architectural, and design decisions that were truly creative.


“We had to move a bathroom” says Bates. “We had to hide immovable pipes and ducts in the kitchen. We had to use wall-hung water closets because we could not cut through the concrete floors. We had to custom-build the fake beams to not only produce the look of a covered ceiling, but also to contain the recessed energy efficient halogen lighting so key to illuminating the environment.”


This was a very successful project.  The owners could not have been happier because Kumins, the architect, and interior designer truly worked seamlessly and created a home with style.






Project 2:  Modernize a ten year old townhouse condominium to meet the style demands of a fast-paced entrepreneurial couple.


Our Solution:  Find what ‘shapes’ the daily lives of the individuals who will live in the condominium and re-work the existing space to fit their individuality and lifestyle.


Sid Kumins, Inc. has quite a successful track record when it comes to condominium renovation and rehabilitation.  Over their 40 plus years in the construction business, Kumins has worked on more than two dozen projects ranging from simple kitchen and bathroom renovations to merging two condo units into one residence and to this project for a Newton, Massachusetts couple to completely renovate their recently purchased 10 year old, 6,000 sq. ft. townhouse condominium residence.


The owners had a definite baseline design that they wanted Sid Kumins, Inc. to follow.  They wanted to give their new home character.  After purchasing the condominium in 1998, they had several meetings with Rod Gilbert, Principal with Sid Kumins, Inc.  Gilbert drafted a step by step construction plan that encompassed custom molding, baseboards, and doors; vaulted ceilings and a full wall fireplace; new stairway and tile work; and custom designed and manufactured kitchen cabinets imported from England and installed by Sid Kumins, Inc.


This job called for a lot of custom mill work and special details that normally can mean construction delays on any project.  However, Sid Kumins, Inc. was able to work out a construction timetable and work-flow plan to schedule the pre-work to be ready as needed and keep a tight control on everything during the construction process.  


The entire job from start to finish took only four months.  The new owners had minimal disruption to their busy lives and their newly renovated condominium exceeded even their tough standards.




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