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Project 1:  Renovate a post WWII outmoded shopping strip into a vibrant community shopping center, while keeping the businesses open for existing tenants during the renovation.


Our Solution:  Develop a phased construction plan and create an image for the shopping center that reflects the personality of the neighborhood.


Chestnut Hill Reality called on Sid Kumins, Inc. early on when they made the decision to bring their 1948 strip shopping center into the 21st century.  And as Owner/Developer Ed Zuker knew, Kumins would not disappoint them.  "With Kumins,”  explains Zuker, “we knew we would be working with a contractor who understands the developer's needs.” Collaborating with the architect Gary Lowe, of Lowe Associates, Sid Kumins, Inc. was able to execute the design exactly as drawn.


“We reconfigured the whole center,” says Kumins’ Principal Rod Gilbert, “first by tearing down the original below-grade parking garage, then filling in that area. Next, we removed the center's original theater, tore down several stores, and created a bigger, better parking area,” he continued.


Kumins and the developer were very sensitive to the needs of the current tenants. When one area of the new center was complete, the tenants would be moved to that area so their businesses would have minimal interruption and could stay open during construction.  The result is a building that the neighborhood is proud of. And for the owner/developer, he has attracted stores representing the top chains in the country and most of the existing tenants have seen an increase in their business.


Project 2:  Overcoming a firewall, add 15,000 sq. feet to an existing 40,000, for one of the country's larges women's apparel warehouse chains, Frugal Fannie's.


Our Solution:  Create an open floor environment.  Then, design the construction plan around the merchandise display and customer flow through the store.


Frugal Fannie’s has been working with Sid Kumins, Inc. for several years in building new stores and renovating existing properties.  The work on the Framingham store was the seventh location that the architect, JCA Associates, Sid Kumins, Inc. and Frugal Fannie’s management have teamed up to work together.


This project involved a real challenge in remodeling 40,000 sq. ft. of space and expanding the overall retail area to 55,000 sq. ft. by adding 15,000 sq. ft.  And keeping the store open during remodeling and expansion.  The new 15,000 sq. ft. was right next to the existing 40,000 sq. ft.  However, in between was a firewall.  Rod Gilbert, President of Sid Kumins, Inc. had the solution but what he needed was the approval of the architect, the owner, and most critical, the Town of Framingham and the Fire Marshall.  His solution was rolling fire doors installed overhead in two sections; 10'x10' and 18'x10'.  The fire doors would be automatically wired with the fire alarm so they would close in the event of a fire.


According to Orin Doxer, owner of Frugal Fannie’s, “Rod Gilbert really went to bat for us with the Town in getting the approvals necessary and meeting all fire and city codes.  It looked like that firewall would be a stumbling block to the project, Rod turned that negative into a real positive to create the interior openness we were after.” Doxer continued, “when working with Sid Kumins, Inc., you also get more than what's on the blueprints.”



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